The name of the Camping Village is inspired by the Garden of the Hesperides, a place in Greek mythology where the Gods loved to go to appreciate the beauty of nature, surrounded by an atmosphere of quiet, lulled by the melody of the sea waves and the gentle song of birds. …

The high quality of our environmental policy is the result of commitment and constant updating. The desire to improve has led us to be among the first to install the BIFIPRO system, an innovative technology that allows water treatment without the use of chemicals and without any waste of natural resources.

The only rules that we ask our guests to follow are those set to protect the environment and relaxation that we want to offer to all our guests … For the rest, absolute freedom!

Each guest can choose the solution that best suits their needs: the luxury of freedom that we want to give to guests is the opportunity to experience the perfect holiday every day, without constraints or obligations, lying in the sun on the beach or enjoying the shade of the pine forest, practicing sports in our facilities and following the proposals of our animation team or dedicating yourself to absolute rest, without the need to respect any schedule.

We guarantee you the luxury of the freedom to choose!